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Message from the Chairperson

Marketing has entered an entirely new era: with the emergence of accelerated technological advancement and the Millennials as a major part of the workforce and consumers, marketers need to adopt lifelong learning as a means to renew their knowledge in order to excel, if not, to survive in modern business world. As the Chairperson of HKIM, I feel obliged to bring to the attention of marketers on this aspect. I believe that the following learning initiatives will be especially beneficial for marketers:
1. High Touch initiative:
Much effort have been placed on the enhancement of Customer Experience in marketing nowadays. With innovative tools such as Design Thinking, Agile Project Management, Customer Journey Mapping etc, marketing no longer revolves around products, corporate brands or segmented markets: instead, a "high-touch" approach that focuses on individuals have been applied and marketers need to be able to empathize and see things from customers' viewpoint. Otherwise, innovation does not create much customer values.
2. Technological initiative:
The marketing process has been enabled by Artificial Intelligence and corporations can acquire a much deeper understand through the study of big data and its deep learning capability. Marketing is transforming from a prescriptive approach (learning about customer needs) into a predictive approach (producing solutions before the customers realizing their needs). Marketers need to use their imagination in applying technology as their major enabler.
3. Authentic initiative:
As technology such as Blockchain and owned media platforms emerge, business transactions become more and more transparent through the establishment of an Internet of Trust, it becomes more and more costly to cheat or to do bad things because these acts will be made known to the public sooner or later. Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) who can heavily influence purchasing behavior earn their credibilities through social and owned media: honesty and transparency are important virtues in modern time. Both KOLs and marketers must be very sincere and honest to gain credibility and brand influence.
Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (HKIM) has been promoting modern marketing practices since its establishment in 1982 and its role is certainly more critical than ever in this age of rapid change. I would like to take this golden opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude on behalf of our Council to our Honorary Chairman, Honorary Advisors, Fellow Members, Patron, Strategic Partners as well as our Executive Office for their full supports and I look forward to another fruitful year for marketers !
Dr. Amen LEE
Hong Kong Institute of Marketing

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