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Professional Recognition

  • Membership of HKIM is a recognition for Marketing knowledge and professionalism. Only people with proven Marketing knowledge (such as a Marketing degree) and practicing experience may be admitted to membership.
  • Members are issued a Membership Certificate and entitled to use HKIM membership designation (For example,FHKIM, SHKIM, MHKIM, EHKIM or AHKIM) as post-nominal as recognition of to recognise personal professional status onyour business card.

Enhancing personal Professional Network, Getting updated about Marketing Trend

  • HKIM is widely acknowledged as an organiser for a wide range of professional events and activities for members and non-members. These events and activities provide a forum for Marketers and professionals to share common interests, ideas and experiences.
  • Through participation in HKIM activities and events, Members can get updated about marketing trends and professional knowledge for continuous personal and career development. Members may attend these functions at a discount.
  • Through the Institute’s newsletters, and marketing news, Members may also keep themselves abreast of marketing and business information.