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Road to Success

Professional Recognition for Marketers

Professional Marketer (ProM)

Under the trend of economic globalization, marketing professionals must have a positive attitude and try their utmost to equip themselves to succeed. They should always keep their knowledge and skills up to date so to remain competitive. Hong Kong Institute of Marketing jointed the Continuous Professional Development Alliance (CPD alliance), which was founded in 2002 to enhance the profession. With this organization, marketers can constantly upgrade themselves on the latest trends and information, and to attain higher professional qualifications. The Hong Kong Professional Marketer (ProM) has been in force since 2008 which symbolizes the status and the professionalism of the qualified marketers.

Minimum requirements of attaining ProM qualification
ProM applicants must be a member of HKIM (or in the process) AND an active participant of our marketing activities, or attain no less than 24 hours of training in marketing or related courses (all the attendance would be counted for CPD hours) in order to be awarded this qualification.

How to apply
To qualify for the ProM designation in any 12 months period, a HKIM member is required to have attended at least 24 CPD hours of relevant seminars or professional development functions (12 hours from activities organized by HKIM). ProM holders and those who are eligible will receive reminder regularly, informing them the status of their accumulated CPD hours of fulfillment.

Please download the ProM Experience & Achievements Assessment Form with activities record for the application.


Certified Professional Marketer (Asia) [CPM(Asia)]

Certified Professional Marketer (Asia) is a marketing qualification for the Asian region, awarded by the Asia Marketing Federation (AMF). It is recognized all over Asia. HKIM is authorized to arrange examinations for those who are interested in obtaining the CPM (Asia) qualification.

Minimum requirements of attaining CPM (Asia) qualification
  • Successfully completed the CPM(Asia) qualifying examinations; AND
  • Degree, professional certificate or advanced diploma holders from recognized Universities or Institutions with no less than 5 years of marketing working experience in Asia OR at least 10 years of practical marketing experience (at least 5 years in Asia).


How to apply
Members can obtain the qualification through the Certified Professional Marketer (Asia) Qualifying Examination