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Mission & History

History of HKIM


Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (HKIM) was founded on 12th November 1982. It is the ONLY non-profit making and independent professional body for marketers of Hong Kong. In its several years of history, professional marketers across various business fields and disciplines join as members of HKIM.

HKIM has been active in promoting marketing practices and issues in Hong Kong. It is also a promoter of marketing expertise, standards, ethics and knowledge through its activities, training and education programmes.

HKIM is a Founding Member of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Alliance and the Asia Marketing Federation. 


HKIM is committed to become the most significant force in Marketing in Hong Kong representing marketing professionals with the aim of establishing, fostering and promoting a high standard of professionalism, excellence and ethical integrity in the practice of marketing.  



In pursuit of marketing excellence, HKIM aims

1. To act as a leader and unified force of marketing professionals for fair marketing practices, in collaboration with businesses, industries, the education sector, government and NGOs. 

2. To provide a platform to facilitate learning and sharing of marketing knowledge, and for fostering excellence in professional marketing practices.

3. To offer programmes and activities that will promote and uphold standards, practice and ethical integrity of marketing.

4. To establish benchmarks and make awards in recognition of marketing excellence and contributions to the local community.