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Chamber of Young Marketers

All businesses look for new talents, both for growth and sustainability. HKIM founded the Chamber of Young Marketers (CYM) in 2012 with the aim of developing new marketing forces for continuous business growth. The CYM aims to:

  • Offer an orientation about marketing to young people
  • Provide them with an appreciation of marketing theories and practices
  • Provide a platform for young marketers to interact with each other

Becoming a Member
All university and tertiary students aged between 18 and 35 are welcome.


  • May join selected activities free of charge
  • May have access to valuable internship opportunities

For more information, please visit Young Marketer Awards Programme (Will be announced later)

Youth Symposium: An update of the latest marketing trends to enable participants to have an early appreciation of new developments

Visits: A series of exposure tours to businesses and organisations to broaden the horizons of young marketers

Seminars/Talks: Sessions with veteran marketers to share their experience

How to Join Us
If you are interested in joining our Student Membership (for Full-Time Students only), please download the Student Membership Application Form here.

We organise career talks (roadshows) for all students at universities and community colleges regularly to provide students with up-to-date information about career development opportunities in marketing, For more information, please reach us at 

Email: activities@hkim.org.hk